Its been 1 year since i lost my freedom. Do i have to celebrate!!!

Yep!! Its been 1 year since my designation changed from student to employee. Its not just my designation that got changed, i should say the biggest change in my life happened exactly one year back. From the time i wakeup, to the item i eat for my dinner. Is this just because of working as a software engineer or its time for a change in my life. May be one will come in everyone’s life when everything in their life changes and that was my day to change.

Anyways i am no more fresher now, i have 365 days of experience in the work i do.

Is Earth rotating faster???

Is Earth rotating faster!! These days i don’t feel like there are seven days in a week. Whenever i see, weekend seems to be very near and i feel like i enjoyed the last weekend yesterday itself. It seems with in a blink of eye almost 10 months of my corporate life is over and will be giving my anniversary treat in another blink :-) . May be this is what people say you don’t know how fast click is ticking when you are working seriously. May be this what any job makes any person into. It’s like slow poison even the person don’t know that time is running faster than light, if he stops by and look back only then he can identify that more than half of his life is over working only. I remember few words from boring HR sessions, work-life balance, effective time management blah blah blah.. Truth is everything can be done in reality.

Krishnam Vandhey Jagadgurum

I am not going to write any review of KVJ, if you are thinking whether to watch this movie or not then stop thinking and go watch it.
As far as i remember KVJ is one of the movie for which i eagerly waited to watch and it turns out to be nice thought provoker for me. THE DIALOGUE THE DIALOGUE “devudu ante sahaayam cheepa sahaayam chesthey devudannaru vaka pandi saayam chesthey varaahamurthannaru vishumurthy avataram annaru, raatha raasindhi devudi gurinchi kaadu sahaayam gurinchi” impressed me a lot. It made whole lot of sense for me regarding why/who is THE GOD. From my childhood i heard many stories on many gods, but i never felt like the way i felt after hearing that dialogue. For a moment everything made sense to me, i felt like i understood the meaning of everything god/life…. I think the people who created god might have created him keeping the above dialogue in mind. May they all might have wanted us to take a path in which we stop to help a guy who wants a lift or postpone our plans to take a person in emergency to hospital or something else. May they have taken all the trouble to create all the stories keeping that in mind but what we are doing is fighting in the name of god. Wow!! I just got a thought, i want to show this movie to my kids (in future) before telling them all the stories of god, then they will clearly understand what the epic books and stories really meant.

Nice movie, this will be my first movie which i wholeheartedly want to watch and will watch for the second time*. The background music was really awesome no no not awesome these days people are using this word “awesome” for every small thing the BG Score is not just awesome it is more than that. Hats off Mani sharma. When the movie started all the 3 of us who went to movie sat in the chair relaxed but when the movie is running into climax at the final drama part we were all leaning forward and seriously watching and after the interval i felt like popcorn is disturbing my attention towards movie so i completed it fast :-P.

PS: If you like this movie then go watch OMG (hindi movie) released recently you will like it. It showcases how in the name of god, many people rob us.

Fed up with updating apps

Everything starts with the number of apps app stores are having these days. As the number of users of android are increasing exponentially same way the number of apps in their store. With the huge number of apps in the store whenever i open app store i download atleast an app. Thus apps on my mobile sometimes reaches up to 150. And every time i switch on wifi one sure push notification i get is updates found. Arey i just updated you yesterday why do you want an update again x-( . And sometimes thinking that there is some great change in the app i open app store to read the Release notes of it and finds it as just a bug fix. oh shit just a bug fix and i have to download 20 30 MB again. how much of the app code does a bug fix affect may be a 100 or 1000 . just for 1000 lines of code which is like 20kB i have to download whole 20MB of app. what the heck!!! x-( ..  Why cant they just roll out the bug fixed file so that i can just download that 20KB or something like that. ha what say Google??? 

Got a Job!! What’s Next??

Four years back when i entered my college for under graduation the immediate goal was to get a dream job with a package of 12 lacs (our seniors used to laugh when we say them about our expected package). But at the end of the day that is after four years i was happy, satisfied and accomplished my goal as expected(may be beyond my parents expectations). 

Everything was good until people started asking what are your future plans?? Dude i was just passed out from my college lemme enjoy for a few days may be few years sorry years might be too long, we will settle with months. I can say that and shut of their mouths but once a fire is lit in a forest it will soon burn the entire forest. This is the same situation which i was in now. While passing out of my college i thought we can relax for a year or two and then think of my higher studies. But how stubborn you are these people’s words will surely influence you and makes you to think.

So i started thinking…. …. …..  Thinking Smiley Text  …… ……

and was waiting for Thinking Smiley Text  but instead i am now in like Thinking Smiley Text  ..

This is my situation. 

  • I am from a chweet and small family who has all their hopes on me and don’t want to be away from me for more than a month or two ( for the sake of studies i can manage for a year or two) 
  • As a individual i am good at dreaming, so i dreamt of doing my masters from a world class university and get a challenging job.

As i believe life is a compromise i thought of compromising and finally landed on this  idea. 

Go abroad study for 2 years and come back and work in India. But then i got a new problem. Based on the situations i have seen in my company from the past 2 months after joining i came to know that 2 years experience will matter much more than a masters degree in the same which you want to work (best case scenario). And one more thing is my company is the best in its field for now ( i believe it will be even in future). So even if i do my masters and come back for a job i think i will end up in the same company in which i am now but for a package of few more bucks( that might be the same i will get after 2 yrs of experience). 

So let me settle down on experience thing. No MS but stay here and work and get experience but I am not sure i wont feel bad for stopping with bachelors and not continuing my studies. 


Of course i was in that situation now. I believe everything will get sorted out in a year.

Idea No 3: Auto Push 3D models of Places/Buildings

I never thought that a day like yesterday will come this soon, in which i cant find a place in Hyderabad to kill time ( malls and movies are excluded from the list). So we thought of going to ZOO ( plz dont laugh, it was b’coz of a crazy frnd i have). We started with museum as it was in the way. 

I rushed towards the counter and shocked to see the number 150/- on the board there. I thought like Govt is drinking the money of middle class ppl in the form of taxes but its not the case the entrance tkt was 10/- and 150/- was for non Indians. Whatever it may be that is not what i want to say but the thing is the entrance tkt was designed in such a way that the history of museum and the map of all the floors were printed on the back of the tkt. 

So a bulb on my head lit again. Assuming that all the people visiting the museum have a smart phone or atleast a phone with wifi. The idea is as an when any person with a smart phone enters in to the building all the 3D models and maps of the entire building a pushed in to the phone through wifi. So the person with the phone can use them and easily navigate through the building. 

One more thing is like the maps downloaded will be deleted automatically through the same wifi as an when the person exists the place.

Idea 2: Dual,Triple,Quad SIM phones ENOUGH!! Now think something NEW

While having a casual conversation with sayeesh; which started with

Which mobile to buy among the large no of smartphones already available and have been coming into the market everyday ? we moved on to ICS, Samsung, Samsung Duos, Dual SIM phones, Triple SIM and then he mentioned about the recent ad about Quad(4) SIM phones made available by some company. 

This made me think, why do we need 2 different SIM cards to access services from 2 different network providers. Why cant we have a SIM which can connect to as many different networks user want to at a time. With this we can save a good amount of space on the smartphone which is very precious in this age of miniaturization.

If the above kind of SIM can be made available, then any user who is purchasing the mobile for the first time can request the access to all the different networks he want to and he will be registered on all them . The SIM he is using will captures signals from all the networks and make the user available on all the networks.

If everything the SIM does is by the copper part on the SIM then we can have two side by side layers of copper with information of different networks so that one SIM  gets the capability of connecting to two networks at a time. 

PS: With the little knowledge i had about SIM this idea has struck me. It may be wrong, impossible or anything, this is the idea i got and i just want to blog it and so i did. If i am wrong do enlighten me through comments.

SIM Dual SIM smartphones

Does our thoughts have the power to change physical world?

Based on the theories proposed by the scientists working in the field of noetic sciences our thoughts, intentions has the power to alter physical world. They are explaining their concepts with this simple example.

Consider a sand particle which has negligible mass and exerts only negligible gravitational force on other particles. With this negligible amount of force it cant even alter the state of other particle of same size but what if many number of these particles are combined to form a moon like structure which can alter the state of huge tides.

What people of noetic sciences says is each and every thought has weight kind of thing, we can say the power to alter physical mass but this power for a thought might be very negligible. The power of a single thought to alter our physical state is very less but if many of the similar thoughts are united as moon was created from almost infinite number of negligible sand particles, they can alter our physical world.

This seemed true for me unless which i wouldn’t have written this. You might have seen in many films or may be in real life situations where when a extremely good person is in life and death situation mamy of his well wishers start praying for his speedy recovery and surprisingly he overcomes his life and death condition and comes to life.

Everything we follow blindly as our parents and their parents say has a reason which some of them might not be knowing. As someone who is following a ritual doesn’t know why they are doing it doesn’t mean iy don’t have any meaning at all.

From this small structure we can understand many things.. 1st: constructing is very difficult than destructing, 2: don’t give up trying until you succeed, 3: build strong foundation/basics..  Nice time killing task.  Try it u will surely enjoy it..  (Taken with Instagram at National Institute of Technology)

From this small structure we can understand many things.. 1st: constructing is very difficult than destructing, 2: don’t give up trying until you succeed, 3: build strong foundation/basics.. Nice time killing task. Try it u will surely enjoy it.. (Taken with Instagram at National Institute of Technology)